Netflix like E-learning

May 23, 2020
Are you often hearing regarding Netflix-like E-learning platform for L&D professionals who are awaiting to modernize their practices?
It is productive plan to use or is it a noisy trope.
What is it all regarding then?
Just like Netflix disrupted and revolutionized the industry by making a platform for on demand content driven by AI technology, equally a Learning expertise platform is attempting to recreate the method of however the training has to be checked out to possess additional engagement and interactions from learners.
Who is unacquainted with the ‘Netflix binge’ now a days, having 103+ millions customers across globe may be a vast success conceit, with plethora of web series to movies to documentaries and what not is included.  
Imagine you’re a learner selecting from a spread of courses from the training management system and later you’re simply given a bit of link to possess an access for the content.
How does one feel or experience?
On the opposite facet what if you’re given a series of intuitive Netflix like courses as presently as you log in to the LMS supported your Role or work perform at intervals your organization. This suggests that the employees are shown solely the courses they’re interested and recommendations that match strictly their learning desires.
How is that this feeling as a learner? 
According to recent report 50-60% of e-learning courses are failing traditionally and organizations are troubled to induce their employees engaged with e-learning modules. The matter here isn’t with the content however rather with the training platform. 
Can you imagine that you have just downloaded Netflix and subscribes there. However later unable to search out on of its prime list program (Ex Black Mirror),ridiculous right? 
Equally if a learner can’t notice the proper video that he/she and is simply full with the irrelevant content, Employee in such a state has no clue of where to begin the training journey from. This alone provides a sense of not desperate to use the E-learning platform.
To overcome such situations,
  • Try framing a tailor-made and individualized method of learning expertise to learners supported his role in organization wherever he will be up skilled.
  • Make content simply accessible and aligned to their interest.
The reason behind Netflix success is that if somebody uses it for the primary time, they notice terribly simple to navigate and clearly don’t want a manual or coaching to use the platform. A five year child will simply use the platform, E-learning platform ought to hold identical and stay intuitive.
In recent times one-size-fits-all approach to training is quiet obsolete, as a result of each employee is totally different and has different aesthetics of learning.
Bottom Line: it’s vital that your learning management system ought to get replaced with Learning Experience Platform that ought to be agile, designed for Netflix generation.

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