Uncategorized May 23, 2020 Netflix like E-learning

Are you often hearing regarding Netflix-like E-learning platform for L&D professionals who are awaiting to modernize their practices? It is productive plan to use or is it a noisy trope. What is it all regarding then? Just like Netflix disrupted and revolutionized the industry by making a platform for on demand content driven by AI technology, equally a Learning expertise platform is attempting to recreate the method of however the training has to be checked out to possess additional engagement and interactions from learners. Who is unacquainted with the ‘Netflix binge’ now a days, having 103+ …

Uncategorized May 23, 2020 Creating great Learning Objectives

I am exploring few articles and courses on Learning Experience Design and finding it very interesting to understand the fundamentals of the subject. Sharing some reflections of my key take away from one of the modules for this week. Often a Learning outcome or objective is majorly overlooked by most of the designers during designing …

beauty February 23, 2018 Agile Learning Framework

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