Hey! I’m  Chaitra Dixit,

An Instructional Designer with over an experience close to 5+years.I have got a great love and passion towards making learning more engaging and effective.

I am also very keen in knowing, understanding and researching various ways of framing Effective Assessments, Setting up great learning objectives which is aligned to business needs.

Being landed into my first job as “Software Engineer” @HCL Technologies interested me initial days but could not stick for long years. Realizing the attraction drawn towards Learning & Development side I took a baby steps and it was like no looking back from there.

My Expertise lies in designing an engaging training modules that aligns to the organizational requirements or goals.

What I am into?

E-learning module, Gamification, Video based Learning, Effective Design of Assessments

What are my interests?

I am deeply and strongly attracted to the psychology of learning and neuroscience behind learning, How brain reacts for different styles of learning.